PB & Jellies Cash Five Squadrons This Week!




Wednesdays are HALF PRICE at our Restaurant 


Come join us at the Chapel Hills Mall  for Mid-Week, Mid-Price Wednesdays for half price sandwiches starting at 1400. 

Great idea for Dining Outs! 


PB & Jellies




 This Week's Cash Five Winners! 


If you are in one of the following Squadrons and you order from us on Monday or Tuesday this week, you will receive a $5 Credit on your account!


 3, 4, 12, 16 or 24th Squadron

Preppies:  Alpha

Cadet Gifts

If you are a Parent and you are looking for some Gift Card ideas for your Cadet, please visit our site
and go to the Cadet Gifts section to purchase Gift Cards.  

We have movie passes, Gift Cards to the Mall, and others!