Thursday Wrap Up

Pictures are still being worked on but we didn't want to wait on the blog. This way you'll know what you get to look forward too!

If you are fans of Aggressors, Demons, Flying Tigers or Hellcats there will be additional pictures for you. The rest of you take the eveing off we'll be back tomorrow!


Agressors made a stop at Uniform Issue, we're seeing lots of great shots so keep an eye out for them!


Demons, Flying Tigers and Hellcats all made their way through the C Store to get any supplies they need to restock on. 


You'll see specific blogs on the AFT from this morning where we caught up with everyone and what to expect tomorrow from Field Day. The WebTeam will be out there early and in force to catch all the excitement from the day. We'll work hard to get those up as soon as we can. 


Enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful night!