Summer UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Program

Purpose and Vision for UAS (RPA Program.)  The staff is geared towards educating and motivating cadets towards a career as a rated officer.  


  • Create Airmen.  Build cadet experience about airpower. Cultivate air mindedness, the profession of arms, discipline, and the ability to apply doctrine and technology to impose desired effects in the battlespace.
  • Leverage SUAS and the AOC environment to build synergy between Cadet Wing training activities & Dean of Faculty Education and Research. Promote the essence of Airman culture.
  • Create an open architecture AOC/Battle Lab environment that will attract research activities and financial support.
  • Safe and fully AFI-compliant SUAS ops at USAFA.



To view the photos, go to Galleries > Airmanship > Unmanned Aircraft Systems or click the link below.