An afternoon of Drill

A few weeks ago we touched on the importance of drill in the BCT-1: Intro to Drill blog; if you missed reading that, please click here


The more the Basics practice marching and facing movements together as a group they begin form a tighter bond as a true unit that relies on each member to make up the whole team. 


Marching as a squadron is not easy and it takes a lot of practice to form that symbiotic connection so they can maneuver and truly work together. 

Due to a short notice schedule change, we were only able to photograph Cobras, Demons, Executioners, and Guts this afternoon.  Please be aware that every squadrons schedule is different and short notice changes may be made which means we may not always be able to cover every squadron as we may have originally planned.  We will try and get every squadron, but there are no guarantees and we do not have any control or say in their schedules.  Thank you for your understanding.


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