Rodeo Afternoon!

Hello all, WebHatter here.

WebCat, WebFox and myself got back from the Rodeo a little while ago. Your basics got to laugh, eat and *insert in-awe face here* the afternoon away at the rodeo. So many events, they got to watch women doing tricks on horses as they galloped around the arena, timed events for staying on the horses as well as on a bull. they got to see kids attempting to hold on to lambs as they jumped around, good grips those little ones! Timed race events for how fast they could get around barrels. Lots and lots!

Here's hoping they had a yeehaw of a time. Oh I crack myself up.

Rodeo Basics!

I think they're having a good time, what about you!?

Mmm, food! They ate so much. Hope those tummys don't hurt later!


Possible Air Force Cadet in training? One of the Basics had an admirer. I wonder what they talked about!?

Cheering on the winner of one of the events!

Hi mom!


To find the pictures from this afternoon, check out the Rodeo Gallery! Let the search begin!