CW Tour #2

Yeserday afternoon most of the basic squadrons were out taking their 2nd CW Tour.  Each flight was out with their cadre, taking some time to get to know the campus better.  It was up to their cadre to show them around.  Most of the flights went to the library and Fairchild Hall (classrooms).  Some even stopped by the computer issue office to pick up their laptops.  



We had two photographers out on the Terrazzo capturing the basics as they came in and out of the buildings.  Since they were out and about in flights and not squadrons, we are unable to seperate the squadrons.

These photos can be found in, CLASSES > 2025 > BCT1 > ALL, set your photo sort order as always to OLDEST to NEWEST, to make sure that the link below will take you to the correct start page.

CW Tour #2 pgs. 1253-1293