54th Squadron

The 54th Squadron

A new squadron is gaining attention on the terrazzo — the 54th Squadron.

Although not officially part of the USAFA Cadet Wing, the 54th Squadron is a support group made up of parents and family members of cadets who support the Academy through active volunteerism and philanthropy.

In a nod to the Academy’s founding year (1954), the 54th Squadron was created by the USAFA Endowment as part of its new Parent & Family Giving program.

The USAFA Cadet Wing consists of roughly 4,000 cadets arranged in 40 squadrons, each led from within by upper class cadets. The core leadership of each Cadet Squadron consists of Element Leaders, Flight Commanders, Squadron Commanders and a Wing Commander.

In keeping with that tradition, the 54th Squadron has a similar leadership structure, with cadet parents leading the way.

The emblem for the 54th Squadron and its challenge coin features the outline of the eagle and fledglings bronze that sits atop the marble pillar at the south end of the Air Garden on the terrazzo. The statue includes the inscription: Man's flight through life is sustained by the power of his knowledge.

“Families from across the country are rallying behind the Academy and their cadets through the 54th Squadron,” says Jason Fox, the director of Parent & Family Giving. “It’s our mission to support the Academy and expand the excellence that sets the USAFA apart from the other service academies.”

Learn more about the 54th Squadron on the Parent & Family Giving website.