Summer Wrap-up

Good Morning USAFA Friends!

I say that because I feel like we have shared the summer together.  It was great to meet and greet so many of you on Acceptance Day.  All of the photos from the parade and the tailgates following are now up.  We tried to find as many folks as possible after the parade, but I know we missed some of you, particularly if you found a quiet spot, or ate in Mitch's.  Wherever you were, we hope it was a great time with your cadet.  We certainly saw many happy faces.  I wish I had the printer concession.  Never saw so many new printers headed for cadet rooms.  Hewlett-Packard stock must have gone up yesterday.

This is the final blog entry of Summer Training 2016.  That being said, it is only the beginning of our Academy Year coverage.  There is SO MUCH MORE to come.  Tonight is the Commitment Dinner for the Class of 2018.  We will have photographers there tonight, so we are off to a fast start. 

I am headed back to California.  WebHatter will be your main day-to-day blogger during the academic year.  She did the Summary Sunday blogs this summer and is responsible for keeping the WebGuy program running smoothly all year long.   She doesn't get enough credit and she doesn't seek the limelight, but I'm sure you know that it takes a team to bring you this coverage and every member continues to play their part to perfection. 

I will be back here in Colorado for Parents Weekend and hope to see many of you then.  I will also continue to add my two cents to the blog from time to time, so you are not finished with me yet.    WebHatter will be doing a blog entry shortly to provide detail about our academic year coverage and what you can expect.  The format is a bit different during the academic year with most of the photos located in the various albums under the Galleries tab, but you won't be disappointed.   Specific class events like Commitment Dinner will still be located under the individual Classes pages.  I will leave the rest of the details to her.  

Ok!  That's it for now.  Keep up the feedback via Facebook and our WebGuy email account.  We like hearing from you.  If you are family members of cadets in clubs and you know of upcoming events, let us know.  Don't assume we know everything that is going on.  There are so many moving parts at the Academy we depend on every source to make sure we don't miss out on something worth covering.

Below are some of our favorite photos from Acceptance Day.  Thank you one and all for all your support of our "little" program.  We couldn't do it without you!







Here is my personal favorite.  All we can say is "Back at ya!"