St. Patrick's Day Cadet Morale Event

Cadet Entertainment along with other base agencies helped put together a St. Patrick's Day Cadet Morale Event last Thursday and was held in Arnold Hall Ballroom.  It was originally scheduled to be held on the Terrazzo, but a snowstorm arrived that day which made them change it to an indoor event. The event was held to boost cadet morale and to provide an avenue for cadet musicians to showcase their musical talents.

The event included a battle of the bands with various bands playing throughout the event.



Indoor games such as cornhole, chess and checkers were available for the cadets to play and to enjoy some friendly competition.


To top off the evening delicious desserts like Rita's Custard, Kettle Corn and Lori Lynn's Cookies and Cream were made available to the cadets to enjoy.


It was a fun filled evening for cadets to enjoy before Spring Break!  To view photos, got to GALLERIES > Extracurricular > Cadet Life.  Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST.  Select start page (104-108) or click on the link below.

***Photo Order must be set OLDEST to NEWEST for the link to take you to the correct page.

2022 St. Patrick's Day Cadet Morale Event & Battle of the Bands pgs. 104 (bottom of page, 2nd row from bottom) - 108    St. Patrick's Day Event