Cookies For Cadets

Operation Cookies for Cadets was a success, we received almost 7,000 cookies to give out to Cadets on Monday.

Big shout out and thanks to all of our cookie bakers, sorting helpers, delivery helpers and AOG Staff! 

To all of our cookie bakers! Beth Gaudlip, Stacy Garmon, Amy Pepe, LaDonna Edington, Lori McKenney, Sarah Leverenz, Colleen McCrary, Christine Covert, Beth Wade, Jeff Holmquist, Victoria Williams, Ruth Korecki, Cindi Thomet, Traci Washer, Rebecca Millen, Corrie Grubbs, Gen Matchette, Daisy Hall, Karen Kelling, Linda Mabile, Jamie Mabile, Sherry Cooper, Larry Harris, Kim Swize, Dawn Lamoreux, Ruth Zschoche, Maria Nojaim, Tera Boonstra, Nina Johnson and Heidi Paul.

To all of the helpers who came out to assist in sorting all of the cookies! Beth Gaudlip, LaDonna Edington, Lori McKenney, Stephanie Price, Gen Matchette and Karen Kelling.

To our delivery helpers! Beth Gaudlip, Lori McKenney, Gen Matchette and Karen Kelling.

And finally to our AOG Staff Support. Santa – Jeff MacLean, Daisy Hall, Heidi Paul, Johnny Bollman, Sherry Cooper, Beth Wade, Michele Bergeman, Karina Ross and MJ Kellenbence.

To view the rest of our glimpse into Operation Cookies For Cadets go to; Galleries - Extracurricular - Cadet Life. Or click the link below.

Operation Cookies For Cadets