Summer Seminar MILEX Day

Today was MILEX day.  Short for Military Exercise. It started early with a Basic Cadet Training style wake up, followed by some warm up exercise and then some phyical and military training.  Breakfast was BCT style.  Not a very related affair.  Breakfast was followed by a briefing from the Vice Commandant of Cadets, then more physical training culminating with the students "tTaking the Hill" which is a cadet spirit tradition and one which some will get to experience again as cadets.  Following a little downtime and a well earned shower the students met again for a briefing about the academic opportunities from Dean Brigadier General Armacost and the change to meeting academy instructors and admissions counselors.  All in all a very full day.

All of the photos are now up in the Day 2 Gallery for your viewing pleasure.  Tomorrow will be another busy day and we will be there to cover it all.  Till then here a few photos from today's events.