Expeditionary Skills Training (EST) is a required training program all rising 3 Degree Cadets must go through.

This program exposes Cadets to real-world expeditionary Air Force situations and environments and teaches them the skills necessary to navigate those obstacles.

Cadets conduct initial classroom instruction in Fairchild Hall before relocating to the Jacks Valley Training Complex (JVTC) to continue learning and practice skills in a deployed environment.

Furthermore, cadets are trained in and are expected to demonstrate dismounted patrol, military operations on urbanized terrain and battlefield first-aid.

Cadets are also given Code of Conduct training with an emphasis on survival and evasion, essential skills needed if they are ever in an isolated situation.







We will be out catching glimpses of the 2nd Group of EST Cadets over the next week so be sure to check back for highlights of the 2nd Group next Friday as we post Upperclassmen blogs on Fridays!

To view the rest of the pictures from our visit with the 1st Group of 2nd Period EST Cadets go to; Galleries - Summer Programs - EST. Or click the link below.

 Period 2 - EST Group 1