Social Decorum Training

Tonight was the last night for Social Decorum Training for the C2C's. Falcon Club was packed because tonight was the last make-up the Cadets could do. Over 100 Cadets were in attendence.


All year long Cadets from each class have taken part in their own Social Decorum Training. C3C's and C4C's take a class in Fairchild about topics such as; How to give a proper handshake, introducing themselves, eye contact, and more. Then in their 3rd and 4th year as C1C's and C2C's, Social Decorum Training takes place in Falcon Club. Here they practice proper dining etiquette with a 5 course meal as well as practicing their conversational skills to help prepare them for any situation. Whether dining in or out, a social event and even a job interview.

Here are some highlights from the evening.


To view the rest of the pictures taken during tonights Social Decorum Training, go to Galleries - Extracurricular - Cadet Life. Or click the link below.

C2C Social Decorum Training