In the next few days, you'll see the Basics cycling through the C-Store, but what is it? The C-Store is the cadet store located in Vandenberg Hall. Since the Basics are allowed to only bring the bare minimum with them to I-Day, they need to pick up a lot of essentials they'll need while here. This includes cleaning supplies such as vaccuums, and personal supplies, such as pens or pencils. They'll visit the store a couple times in the next few weeks to get everything they need.

First they all line up in the hall. Sometimes they'll be stuck waiting out here as another flight finishes up. Not too many flights can all be in the store at the same time, otherwise it gets insanely crowded and no one can move easily.


Then they head in, pick up a basket, and the shopping begins!



As they exit the store, the cadre have to check over their receipts and bags to see if any contraband was accidentally purchased. If it was, the Basic will need to return it.