Finishing Strong

Good Evening All!

Well, the Jacks Valley box is just about checked.  This will be a short blog tonight, chiefly because it really has mostly all been said over the past 9 days.  Today our coverage included Aggressors and Guts on the Assault Course, the Executioners getting to taste the gas in CBRNE, and the Hellcats gaining Confidence on that course. 

What are they doing tomorrow morning you ask? Well, all I can tell you is that A. It's starts really early, B. There is no photo coverage from anyone that we're aware of, and C. It's called "THE CULMINATING EVENT" on the schedule.  That's all we know.  I guess you will just have to ask your soon-to-be Cadet what it was.  Some things just have to remain mysterious.

Our coverage tomorrow is the "Big Bad Basic" competition in the afternoon.  We'll have lots of photos and video of that for your viewing pleasure tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night I will talk about the March-Out and what's ahead the rest of the week.  We may be just about finished in the valley, but there is still more BCT photo coverage right through Saturday and I'll tell you about that as well.  

I want to close tonight with a couple of photos from today, but they could be from many of the days in Jacks Valley and BCT in general.  Yes, it was hard.  I'm sure there were more than a few tears shed by you and them, but look at the faces in these photos.  They are the faces of triumph.  I just selected them at random, but they all look the same.  You should all be very proud.


Ok!  More to come tomorrow!  Buenas Noches!