WebGuy Tutorial, Navigation and BCT Information

Good afternoon everyone!

We thought we would take a few minutes to provide some useful information on how to navigate around the WebGuy website.  If you are reading this, you have already figured out how to get to the website, so we will start by talking about how to find the photos. This information will be helpful for those of you who are new to WebGuy, which will mostly be parents of the new Basic Cadet class. 

First, you want to follow the link labeled “Classes” near the top of the page. This will be the main start page for those looking for BCT photos.  Those looking for photos from other Summer Sessions will be using mostly the "Galleries" link. There will be a drop-down menu with several class years. Please select the appropriate class year.  For most of you, it will be 2025.

After arriving to the appropriate class page, you will see Albums that you can dive into to start your photo search! Photo albums will be created and then populated as events take place.  In the example below there are 5 albums. If you are looking for a certain squadron hover over the BCT-1 link or BCT -2 link (not shown below) and then select a particular squadron if you want to drill down further.

Once you’re in the squadron album of your choice, you can sort the album by Oldest to Newest or Newest to Oldest.  When WebGuy puts a link into a blog, the link is set to take you to the start page of those photos if you have your Sort Photos set OLDEST to NEWEST. If you do not have it set in this order, the link will not take you to the correct page.  So please make sure you have your Sort Photos set correctly before clicking on the links provided in the blogs.  You can also jump to any page by using the “Go To Page” function next to the sort options.

Please note the thumbnails of all photos are a lower resolution, but the photo you download will be in high resolution. The WebGuy site is also optimized for mobile access and the navigation is exactly the same as from your computer.  If you run into any questions you can always check out the frequently asked questions link here. FAQs

WebGuy BCT Coverage

For the remainder of BCT we will separate out the squadrons when possible.   There are 8 squadrons in BCT- Aggressors, Barbarians, Cobras, Demons, Executioners, Flying Tigers, Guts and Hellcats.  Each squadron is separated into 5 flights- A-E. Some events are done by individual squadrons at specific times and when we capture those events they will be put into the Squadron Album under BCT-1 or BCT-2.  There may be times when not all of the flights in a squadron are doing the same training. Other times there may be multiple squadrons in the same area and we won't be able to separate into squadrons.  But we will let you know where to find the photos and which squadrons were photographed so you will know if you should be looking for your Basic Cadet on any event we post.  Please keep in mind that the Academy is following CDC guidelines concerning Covid and there will be events WebGuy will not be able to photograph due to covid regulations.

Going forward with our coverage we will be separating our coverage into two main albums, BCT-1 and BCT-2.  The first 2.5 weeks of BCT coverage will be under BCT-1.  The coverage for the remainder of BCT will be split into BCT-1 and BCT-2 which is when the 8 Squadrons get divided into two main groups and enter Jacks Valley a week a part from one another.  While one group is in Jacks Valley, the other group is continuing BCT-1 training on the Terrazo and those photos will still be under BCT-1.

BCT-1 will have events that take place mostly on the Terrazzo or in that area such as Cadet Store, Drill, Haircuts, PT, Uniform Issue, and Weapons Issue. 

BCT-2 will only have  Jacks Valley Courses. These courses are Assault Course, CATM- Combat Arms Training and Maintenance, CBRNE-Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense, Confidence Course, and Obstacle Course.

We hope this information is helpful and makes your navigating the blogs and photos easier as you play "Where is my Basic?" over the next several weeks.  Webguy will be out capturing as much as we can and will continue to post the blogs and photos as soon as we get them edited!  Thank you for your patience as we all go through the next several weeks together.

Stayed tuned for more blogs and photo albums to start rolling out this week!