1st Go Fall Intramurals

It's the 1st Go of Intramurals(IM) for the Fall semester and we were able to stop by last week to catch cadets competing in Flag-Football and Soccer.

The USAFA Athletic Department's goal for Intramurals is for cadets to develop a positive attitude toward physical fitness, sportsmanship, and competitiveness. This is accomplished through providing leadership experience by giving cadets the opportunity to supervise, coach, manage and officiate squadron IM teams.

The Intramural program has existed since the very first class of USAFA, (59’). This program is mandatory for all cadets unless they are a NCAA athletic or on a competitive club team that gives them LOS (Limited on Status). The Athletic Department runs 4 different IM GOs throughout the year, two in the Fall semester and two in the Spring semester. Each GO will run two sports so throughout an entire school year you will see a total of 8 sports played.

We caught up with some cadets last week as they faced off against other squadrons. At the beginning of next month, they will have the Intramural Championship for this Go so be sure to check back for our coverage of the Championship rounds!



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Intramural Photos