Jacks Valley #2 Day 2

The blogs will be getting shorter continuing forward since the information about the courses is the same.  If you need a refresher on what each course entails, you can revisit a previous blog for the course information.

USAFA Superintendent General Clark was at the Assault Course today giving the Basics encouragement and motivation to make it through the course.


Jacks Valley is a 3,300-acre training complex on the grounds of the United States Air Force Academy.  It is used for military field training.  Jacks Valley is used year-round by different military units and some civilian groups.  However, its primary use is during the second half of Basic Cadet Training (BCT) each summer. During BCT, the new cadets (or "basic cadets") train in a field encampment enviroment.  The basic cadets march to and from Jacks Valley.  While in Jacks Valley, they undergo one of the most physically demanding parts of their training at the Academy.

Note: There were two photographers at Assault and Obstacle Course.  The photos were uploaded by photographer, not by section. You might want to scroll through all the pages because you may find your Basic further in the photos than you might otherwise think.

Assault Course: Executioners



Confidence Course: Hellcats



Obstacle Course: Guts



To view photos, go to CLASSES > 2025 > BCT-2. Select your squadron. At the top of the page, set your photo order OLDEST to NEWEST. Then select your start page. Or click on the links below.

*** Photo order must be set OLDEST to NEWEST for the links to take you to the correct start page. 

Executioners: Assault Course pgs. 59-163  Executioners

Flying Tigers: CBRNE - Note: Photos will be available tomorrow.

Guts: Obstacle Course pgs. 66-116  Guts

Hellcats: Confidence Course pgs. 130-162  Hellcats