Soaring M-Day Spring 2023 Group 1

Special Note: These photos may not contain all cadets from group 1 as there were delays and cancellations due to weather. The weather has been extremely cold and snowy in Colorado. WebGuy does our best to capture as many cadets as humanly possible. 

According to the USAFA website, soaring occurs at the Academy on a year-round basis. The program is the largest glider operation in the world. Its mission is to form the foundation of cadet exposure to military aviation, build character, and help motivate cadets toward a career in the United States Air Force. 

The Basic Soaring program (Airmanship 251) provides a motivational experience for all third class cadets. The cadets first experience soaring in the TG-10B (L-23 Super Blanik) which familiarizes them with aircraft controls, the ever-present checklist, pattern work, and the perspective to earth. Over 7,000 sorties are flown in this beginning program annually. Nearly 200 solos are achieved each year. It usually takes the average student 12 sorties to solo. Sorties are flown all summer and also during the academic year.



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Soaring M-Day Spring 2023 Group 1 Photos