Bluebards Perform 'The Addams Family: A New Musical'

The Bluebards Theatre Troupe is a club entirely made up of cadets. Cadets sing, dance and act out in productions at least two to three times per year.

This Fall, they performed their rendition of "The Addams Family: A New Musical". The musical was written by Marshall Brickwall, Rick Elice and Andrew Lippa. The Bluebards performed on Oct. 28 and 29. Tickets for both shows sold out. 

On Friday evening, the performance was mainly for an audience of cadets. The show revolves around the Addams' daughter, Wednesday, who wishes to marry her "normal" boyfriend Lucas. Hilarity ensues as the Addams family attempts to act normal when they meet their future son-in-law's family for the first time. 

According to the civilian director, Chloe Hagener, "Given the plethora of marriage proposals taking place in the Cadet Wing at any given moment, I'm sure many in the cast and audience can relate to this nerve-wracking life event ... the meeting of the in-laws ... but how many have experienced this with generations of ancestor ghosts lurking around?"

The musical, which originally premiered on Broadway in 2010, has been praised for its dry humor and catchy songs. The score features an array of musical styles, from Argentine Tango to Vaudevillian Jazz. 



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"The Addams Family: A New Musical" Photos


Listed below is the full cast and crew: 

Sawyer Stone as Gomez Addams 

Rachel Parillo as Morticia Addams

Hailey Routson as Wednesday Adams

Erik Pfaffenbichler as Uncle Fester 

Ian Garrett as Lurch 

Emma Jones as Grandma Addams 

Michael Prater as Mal Beineke

Isabella Gentile as Alice Beineke

Jacob Brady as Luca Beineke 

Adrienne Weaver as Moon 


Layla Bohl, Aidan Capcoran, Brynn Crownover, Makaila Freeman, David Gomez, Nicole Hedges, Kaarin Holter, Ashleigh McCoy, Scarlet Nation, Garen Seibert, Adrienne Weaver and Viet Zaengle as The Ancestors 


Directed by Chloe Magener and Myriah Heydt. 

Production assistance by Ellen Ballentine, Kayla Georgiafandis and Marc Napalitano, Ph.D. 

Choreography by Adrienne Weaver 

Rattex Tech by Jandy Viloria and Joshua Stearns