2nd Go AM490 - 5th Jump and Wings of Blue/Green

We're back with coverage from this Go's 5th Jump! This past week was a very busy one for AM-490 Cadets, because of wind holds and weather throughout the last week it took them a bit longer but most finished out the class getting their 5th Jump completed!

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During the academic year, all classes are split into M and T days and depending on what their schedule is like will determine what day they will take a class. When AM-490 has a Saturday class, those days tend to include both M and T day groups. Below cadets are getting geared up before heading out to the plane. We were able to catch one of the Cadets getting her jump wings zipped into her flight suit, the cadets only wear these on their 5th and final jump.



The Cadets have been Jumping just about every day this week, outside of Monday which is a no Jump day. On the weekdays the M and T day students only have about 2 hours to jump during their class period but on Saturday's they have as much time as they need to complete their jumps or until 3pm, whichever comes first. Some Cadets were only on their 1st Jump while others were already on Jumps 3 or 4. By this past saturday most had finished getting all 5 or were just about done.



The plane happened to be turned off for refueling, so we hopped in with the group about to head up to get them inside the Aircraft!



We've been able to get a lot of great shots of the Cadets right before landing in the Drop Zone.

As the Cadets are nearing the ground, WOB - Wings of Blue Cadets are there to help guide them and prepare them for their landing and sometimes when the WoB Cadets are waiting for the plane to fly overhead with the 490 students photo shoots happen.



Each jump is videotaped from the second they exit the plane through their 10 second freefall until they release their parachute. After the entire group has landed they are then all briefed and graded on the execution of their jump. This allows them to see how they did, and if any futher training must take place before their next skydive.





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5th Jump!

While catching AM490 we also were getting the Wings of Blue and Wings of Green Cadets in training.




This past Saturday some of the WoB got to skydive into a Baseball game up on the Hill. We caught them as they were preparing to head out.

Saturday was also a major day for the rising Sophomores and Juniors on the WoB and WoG teams because it was Portrait day!

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Wings of Blue/Wings of Green