Commandant’s Training & Resiliency Event Groups 1 & 3

Third- and Fourth-Class Cadets from Groups 1 (Squadrons 1-10) & 3 (Squadrons 21-30) took part in Warrior of the Hill Challenge on the Terrazzo, Wednesday afternoon. The upperclassman from these groups participated in panels, briefings and workshops, both in person and virtual. Due to the sensitive nature of the upper-class events, our photographers were out on the Terrazzo capturing the action at the Warrior of the Hill Challenge.


Warrior of the Hill training exercise consisted of three timed events on the Terrazzo. The third- and fourth-class cadets participated in one of three categories: Physical Training, Military Professionalism, and Drill and Ceremonies.

 The Physical training events consisted of push ups, a run and long jumps up the hill.



Military Professionalism: A select number of cadets were chosen to rush back to their dorm rooms and change into their OCP’s from PC gear and return to the Terrazzo as quickly as possible, then their uniforms and military knowledge were assessed.



Drill Competition: A drill competition was held within each squadron and the top performers then competed in an overall Group competition.



To view all the photos from the Warrior of the Hill Event, go to, Galleries > Military Training > Commandant's Challenge. The split between the 2 days is pg. 30.

Warrior of the Hill Event