Weekly Review: July 18 - 23

This week began with the Basics continuing their field training at Jacks Valley. According to the USAFA website, during field training, Cadets honed the mental, teamwork and physical conditioning skills critical to becoming fourth class cadets in the Cadet Wing. Among other rigorous demands, they tackled the challenges of the confidence courses, assault courses, and obstacle courses. They also conducted their CBRNE and CATM training. 



In addition to WebGuy's coverage of Jacks Valley, WebGuy also photographed the upperclassmen and the Prep School. 


During the past week, WebGuy uploaded approximately 10,000 photos per day. There were over 70,000 photos taken for BCT-2 alone.

By the end of the week, the Basics did the 6-mile March Back. USAFA grads made the March Back as well. Over 200 grads did the March Back, with the oldest grad coming from the class of 1961. 


After the March Back, Basics had the opportunity to chat with the grads. Afterward, a lunch was held in Mitchell Hall.


Before the lunch, 3 grads were honored by the Association of Graduates (AOG) as Distinguished Graduates. According to the AOG Facebook, these grads were Col. (Ret.) Leonard "Lucky" Ekman '63, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Gene Lupia '67 and Dr. William Wecker '63 were presented their medals by USAFA Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard Clark '86 and Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Mike Gould '76. Several graduates joined the Basic Cadets for lunch as well.

This concludes WebGuy's coverage of BCT-2. Photos will now revert to BCT-1. There are only a few weeks of summer left before the academic year begins in August.

Please enjoy the video below for highlights from this past week!