Jump Aerial 2022 Summer Session 3, Group 1

Jump 490 students of Group 1 Summer Session 3 were at Davis Airfield last week completing their first jumps.

According to USAFA Website, AM-490 is the only program in the entire Air Force where the first jump is an unassisted freefall. Because of this unique difference, all students, cadets, or staff who go through this program will have roughly 40 hours of ground training before their first jump.

As stated in the Jump Ground blog, Airmanship 490's purpose is to develop leadership traits through overcoming their fears and coping with stressful situations.  The program starts with 30 hours of instruction in basic free fall parachuting techniques and procedures, including emergency situations they may encounter when jumping.  The successful completion of 5 Jumps results in being awarded the Air Force Basic Parachutist Badge "Jump Wings", which they can wear on their uniform for the rest of their Air Force Career.



Go to GALLERIES > Airmanship> Jump. Set your sort order from OLDEST to NEWEST. Photos are on pages 413-475.

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