BCT-1 Cadet Wing Tour

Yesterday was a cloudy and thunderous day, which is typical summer Colorado weather.  But the Basic Cadets were still able to get some of the Cadet Wing Tour completed before the weather turned to thunderstorms.

The Cadet Wing Tour was set up for the Basic Cadets to learn where the main areas of the Cadet area are so that when they are instructed by the cadre to head towards a certain area, they will have a better understanding of where they are marching to.  It will also help them once they do have some free time to move about the cadet area on their own.  While that may not happen during BCT, they will appreciate it after BCT and Acceptance Day.



It was a short window of opportunity to capture part of the Cadet Wing Tour due to weather and the different squadrons going through each area at different times.  WebGuy photographers were up on the Terrazzo capturing various squadrons and flights.  And while the cadre may have known the order that the tour was happening in, WebGuy did not receive this information.  And so what this means is that we captured those that we could, there are probably repeats of flights because they were spread out all over the Terrazzo and Vandenberg's outdoor corridors, and not all squadrons and flights came by us before the weather turned bad with thunderstorms in the area.  Our photographers came back in due to the thunderstorms.

So we captured what we could but we know we missed some Basic Cadets.  And there are some flights that may have gotten more coverage of and some we missed.  And we know it is tough looking for your Basic and can be frustrating when you don't find them.  This group of photos is sort of an extra chance to see your basic.  There will be other events in the future that will be squadron specific and hopefully you can find your basic more easily there.

So enjoy some 'where's my basic?' on this group of photos and know that WebGuy is continuing to capture as much as we can of BCT and events that are squadron specific so we can put them into the squadron albums making it easier to look for your Basic Cadet.



Photos can be found in CLASSES > 2025 > BCT-1.  Then click the top option on the BCT-1 drop down menu that says ALL.  This is where photos that are not assigned to a specific squadron will go into for BCT-1.  Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST.  TheN select your start page (84-125). Or click on the link below. *Set Photo Order must be set OLDEST to NEWEST for the link below to work.

Cadet Wing Tour BCT-1 pgs. 84-125  Cadet Wing Tour