Friday Update!

Good Morning!  First let me say that I'm sorry that there hasn't been a blog entry from me in a couple of days.  WebHatter has been holding down the fort since I have been at the Prep School getting our Basic Military Training coverage launched there.  We are officially operating on all cylinders now.  All the summer training programs are now going at the same time.  The prep school has their own galleries and blog, so if you are interested in seeing a glimpse of what goes on down there be sure to check it out.  Just click on Prep School under the Classes tab above and select Prep School.  Be sure to pick the 2016-17 Academic year.

As I sit here eating my Skittles, I am reminded of Disney's Sorcorer's Apprentice, where Mickey get's the broom to carry the water.  (Credit to Disney for the photo).  He got much more than he bargained for.


So it now is with Skittles.  LOL

I think we are good now.  All our photographers are now on sugar overload.  We received some banana bread along with more Skittles today and our photographers actually fought over it.  I asked for some and was told to enjoy my Skittles.  Thank you again for all your generosity and for taking the time to send the treats.  We really feel the love.

So, now to the business at hand.  Today was a busy coverage day.  (Like yesterday wasn't).  We actually set a record for one day photos and almost crashed our own server.  Hence the delay in getting some of the photos up last night.  Today was the second PFT and also Haircuts prior to the big day for all of you tomorrow.   We are trying very hard to cover at least some of the haircuts in all of the squadrons, but with they going on at the same time in two locations and with only one escort, some are bound to slip through the cracks.  I am counting on all the good will you will feel after talking to your Basics tomorrow to forgive us if we missed your Basic.

Speaking of Doolie Day Out...  My wish for you is that all of your phone calls will be happy ones, but that may not be the case for some of you.  Tomorrow will be the first time since I-Day that some of your kids may be able to let down their guard and the emotion may come pouring out.  Some may be just fine, and some may say they want to quit.  Some may call their boy or girlfriends before they call you.  Try not to take any of this personal if it happens to you.  Try also to resist the urge to fix things if your call isn't positive.  How every you find them, be supportive, positive, and encouraging.   Also, if there is drama at home, leave it there.  Your Basic needs this day to regroup and get ready for Jacks Valley and the final push to complete BCT.  Help them do that.   Jacks Valley is hard, but it is actually fun also.  They will be very proud of their accomplishment when they march back.   So that my DDO advice from experience.

As I write, our photographers are processing the photos from this morning and getting ready to go back out for more this afternoon.  Check back later this evening for the photos.  Tomorrow we will cover the departures for Doolie Day Out.

Sunday is the March Out and we will of course will have full coverage, but you won't see those photos until Monday.  Check back this evening for todays action and enjoy every minute tomorrow with your phone calls.