And they're off!

The appointees have all arrived. They are now officially basic cadets.  As you can see from the picture below, Doolittle is now quiet again. The only people left in the building now are the WebGuy folks, processing away! Take a glance at the 2021 Inprocessing Gallery for the start of our uploaded pictures.  Today is one of the few times that the pictures will not be in chronological order.  In the interest of speed, we put them up as they were posted.  Since we had multiple  photographers today all shooting at once at different places to capture all the action, the photos will reflect that fact. 

Today was full of activities.  Right now your Basics have probably experienced their first BCT dinner meal and tonight they will start to go over their contrails to memorize rank and quotations as well as their Squadron Flight and Squadron Commander Cadre's names and making up their rooms. 

The pictures are still under process, we're hoping to get everything up by the morning.  It was great to meet many of you at Doolittle Hall today. See you tomorrow as the adventure continues!

Go view the pictures that have been uploaded so far, click the link below.

Class of 2021 In-Processing Photos are here!