2019 Wing Open Boxing Championships

Last night, USAFA hosted the 61st-annual Wing Open Boxing Championships. There were 9 men’s bouts and one female bout. Out of the 20 boxers that fought that night, 7 are returning champions!

The winners from the Wing Open will go on to compete at National Collegiate Boxing Association events happening this spring. Below is a list of the boxers/bouts for the evening, red corner is listed first then blue corner. Red corner boxers are wearing black with red gloves, and blue corner is wearing blue with blue gloves.



119 Pounds: Ryan Dinndorf (CS-26) vs RJ Leon (CS-03 and 2018 Champion)

Winner: RJ Leon



132 Pounds: Abigail Aldecoa (CS-29) vs Ellen Miota (CS-19)

Winner: Ellen Miota



132 Pounds: Fintan Nakada (CS-14) vs. Sean Chieves (CS-12 and 2018 Champion)

Winner: Sean Chieves


139 Pounds: Francisco Garcia (CS-27) vs. Josh Turner (CS-16 and 2018 Champion)

Winner: Josh Turner



147 Pounds: Devon Smith (CS-18 and 2018 Champion) vs. Zach Phillips (CS-30)

Winner: Devon Smith


156 Pounds: William Ragland (CS-40) vs. Levi Rate (CS-21 and 2018 Champion)

Winner: Levi Rate



165 Pounds: Levi Knox (CS-30 and 2018 Champion) vs. Xavier Cardinal (CS-25)

Winner: Levi Knox



175 Pounds: Cenada Clifton-Smith (CS-22) vs. Luke Kilianski (CS-33)

Winner: Cenada Clifton-Smith


185 Pounds: Nick Pingel (CS-14) vs. Austin Dreyer (CS-24 and 2018 Champion)

Winner: Austin Dreyer



Heavyweight: Kehinde Osinloye (CS-13) vs. Micah Mackaly (CS-38)

Winner: Micah Mackaly

At the end of the event, AF Boxing awarded Cadet Cenada Clifton-Smith with the Outstanding Boxing Award. This award is presented in memory of former Athletic Director, Colonel Clune and was first awarded back in 1979. Below is a list of all the past winners, along with some other facts about AF Boxing like cadets who won the Wing Open all fours years!

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Wing Open Photos 2019