Food! Glorious Food!

Happy Monday!

It certainly was one for us.  Thanks to all for your generosity and also the cards that went with the food.  Be assured that we are sharing with all the folks who make WebGuy possible. 


We have received more than what is pictured above, but this is just a sample.  Thank you all so much!

Today was more intramurals.  The photos are all up for your viewing pleasure.  Things are going to get more interesting photowise as the week moves on in the run-up to Doolie Day Out.  Tomorrow morning the basics will get a preview of what next summer might be like for them.  More about that tomorrow evening.  They are also prepping for and then having their flight drill evaluations.  We will have coverage of all and the drill photos should finally be back in the squadron folders.  Remember, they will be in the BCT2 folder going forward.

Ok, enjoy all the latest intramural photos, we worked hard to find as many basics as possible.  I'll be back tomorrow with what I hope will be a description and photos of something called Aquatic Screener.  This is a first for us, but we will all find out about it tomorrow.

Have a great evening.  I am headed off to sample some of the goodies.