March Out & Set Up

Another March Out is complete and Jacks Valley is open for business. (First photo below courtesy of USAFA/PA)

First up, they received some opening remarks from the Vice-Commandant, and then got to work setting up the place.  Of course, many of the main structures are already set-up - storage facilities; latrines - since these are permanent wood and/or steel buildings. (Photo Below Courtesy of USAFA/PA)

The Basics have to set-up the tents they will sleep in.  On the ground, there are already concrete slabs.  On the slabs, their tent is sitting folded.

Their duffel bags will be pre-positioned in their designated squadrons area.   Here you see a shot of the duffel bags from a few years ago.  In the back right of the photo, you see the letter "D" on a wooden bin.  In the bin are the tent poles for the Demons.  They will have some of the Demon basics get these poles while the others unfold and lay out the tent properly.  Then, they will begin the set up. (Photo below courtesy of USAFA/PA)

So, now you are up-to-date.  The rest of today will be spent setting things up.  Good thing too, because it is supposed to rain later in the week.  Thanks to USAFA/PA for the use of some of their photos.  I wanted to get this blog up early to give you an idea of what things look like.  Our photographers and editors are hard at it getting everything processed from this morning.  As usual those photos will be up in the early evening. 

I will be back later this evening to give you an overview about what to expect in the coming week and more about the courses and training.