Keep Your Eyes In The Skies!

Hello All! Webhatter here.

Today was a great day for Jump! I got to the Air Field at 7:30 this morning in hopes of getting Jump and I must say, what a success!

All the cadets were able to get to their 5th jump by early afternoon. At the beginning of the day most were still only 3 jumps in. But thankfully with the clear sky we had and the wind not getting too bad, everyone was able to smoothly go through the rest of their jumps.

Now, everyone's grading - I'm not so sure about. But everyone landed on their "feet." :P

I was able to get up close to the plane for most of the jumps as the cadets were walking up the steps and into the Aircraft. It was so cool! 

Enjoy the Gallery! So many smiling faces and pinning of their earned wings!

Congrats cadets!



You may never get rid of the butterflies, but you can teach them how to fly in formation. - Author Unknown