Jump AM-490 Ground Training

This week a new class of Jump AM-490 started and they have been doing their 40 hours of ground training.  Webguy was out capturing some of this training for both M and T days this week.


One of the more challenging programs provided by USAFA, Airmanship 490 or AM-490 is a Basic Freefall Parachuting Program and it is the core mission of the Wings of Blue and the 98th Training Squadron, all Cadets on the Wings of Blue team are certified AM-490 Instructors and Jumpmasters. It's purpose is to develop leadership traits through overcoming their own fears. They will be given instruction in basic free fall parachuting and familiarization with emergency parachuting. The successful completion of 5 Jumps results in award of the Air Force basic parachutist badge "Jump Wings", which they can wear on their uniform for the rest of their Air Force career and completion during summer before sophomore year fills one of the few military training requirements that Cadets at USAFA have.


AM-490 is the only program in the entire Air Force where the first jump is an unassisted freefall. Because of this unique difference all students, cadet or staff who go through this program will have roughly 40 hours of ground training before their first jump.


The training that you will see your cadet doing in the photos is part of their harness training to help teach them the proper form for the free fall portion of their jump.  This particular harness is called the "Shelly Harness" and it is named after the Master rigger at USAFA that invented the harness.  This harness allows the student jumper to be suspended off the ground and go through the steps, count and form for the free fall portion of the jump.  And it allows the instructors, who are Wings of Blue cadets, to help position the student into the proper free fall form.  


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M Day 0630 - Pg 138-143  Jump Ground M 0630

M Day 0945 - Pg 143-150  Jump Ground M 0945

T Day 0630 - Pg 150-155  Jump Ground T 0630

T Day 0945 - Pg 155-162  Jump Ground T 0945