Caught up with the first group at Soaring this morning. There are three sets of Cadet groups that come out here every day and there are three set times for these groups. The first group starts their day at Soaring at 6:30AM, the second group arrives at 10AM and the third group at 12:30PM. Sadly because of the weather, sometimes there is no activity while a group is on the Airfield and sometimes they are lucky and have a ton of Soaring time. Also, depending on the day of the week there are different groups of Cadets.

Rest assured that over the course of the semester we will be sure to catch the different groups on different days. This group in particular got down to Soaring around 6:30am. They were briefed and then sent out onto the Airfield. They had roughly two hours of Soaring time before they had to go back up to the Academy and attend their other academic courses.

Check out the Airmanship - Soaring Gallery! Pictures from this morning will start on page 44.