Recognition Day 1

Recognition started yesterday right after the end of the last classes.  The weather was frigid.  After retreat formation the cadets moved inside Sijan and Vandenberg Halls to begin the Physical Fitness Event to kick off 3 days of rigorous training.




Recognition is the formal three-day finale of the fourth-class (freshman) year when cadets are “recognized” as upper-class cadets and allowed to wear the Prop and Wings insignia on their flight caps. It is a ceremonial acknowledgment that the fourth-class has successfully met military training requirements and is prepared to continue the rigorous and rewarding Academy journey. Recognition consists of several activities including a leadership course, an assault course and “The Run to the Rock.” In addition to challenging the fourth-class cadets, recognition provides the three upper classes with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Individual squadron ceremonies and a wing-wide celebratory evening meal mark the end of Recognition. (

Our photographers are already out capturing the action that started early this morning.  It’s still freezing outside but the snow has ended.

To view all of the photos from day 1 of Recognition, go to, (Set your sort from OLDEST to NEWEST),  GALLERIES > MILITARY TRAINING > RECOGNITION  or click the links below.

Sijan Hall (pgs 1-8)

Vandenberg Hall (pgs 8- 13)