The End Of The Long Day

Hey 2020 Parents!

WebHatter here, I just want to say welcome to the WebFamily!

I can't tell you how excited I am for you and your Basics. The journey you have just begun is a long but rewarding one and we we are excited to be along on the ride with you.

It's almost 9pm here in the Springs, WebGuy2.0 and I have been at it all day processing pictures - all the pictures from yesterday were uploaded earlier and the pictures we took of this morning activities are just about done being processed and on their way up into the BCT 1 Gallery.

This weekend will be very light coverage because your Basics will be going through different briefings and exams such as math and science for example. The reason they do this now is so that when the Academic Year comes, they're ready to go in the classes they need to be in. This will give you some time to catch up and enjoy everything we've taken so far. We know it's early on but don't forget to eat and sleep and say hello to your family! We're going to try to do a little bit of that as well.

Thank you for the many facebook posts already, we read every one.

Keep checking back for our blogs as we will update you regularly on the days events. Have a nice evening!


P.S. Next week we'll beg for food and goodies.