Summer Upperclassmen


Happy Saturday Upperclassmen Families!

Since BCT started we've gotten a lot of questions on Upperclassmen Summer Programs. Have no fear we are covering them! While we might not be out every day like we were for you in BCT we are still out and about. 

What we do cover: 

Jump, we catch them on the ground and in the air!

Soaring, as long as the weather allows we're there!

Powered Flight, same as soaring. It's been an interesting spring/summer so far here so pray for nice non-windy days!

ABL (Adventure Based Learning), this is something new for the 3rd Degrees. They still do EST (we are not covering that this summer) but ABL is the second part put on by the CCLD (Center for Character and Leadership Development).  This training is much more photo friendly and less restrictive.  That's why we chose it.

RPAs (Remote Piloted Aircraft), we will be covering classroom and outdoor launches.  (Weather plays a factor here, just like at the airfield).

Cadre: Once BCT starts rolling a little more we'll get that gallery filled for you!  We are already capturing photos, but it is more photo editior intensive since we have to do the "Where's Waldo" ourselves to find and pull them out of our regular BCT coverage.

Our posting plan is to wait till we have all the photos from a particular session, sometimes weather impacts that.  We want to make sure we get everyone the best we can before we post. Sometimes the one day we planned go to out and cover turns into three thanks to the Colorado weather! 

So keep a close eye on our Facebook, that's where we'll let you know the pictures are up! BCT posts will most likely begin like last summer with 2023 WebFamlies, and once prep starts we'll start with Prep WebFamilies. But if you don't see either of those, then the posts are for you!

Thank you for your patience and support.  Just know we're out there.  WebGuy is a year-round AOG program for ALL USAFA classes and coverage of your Upperclasssmen is just as high a priority as BCT.  It's just a bit different.