UAS Fall Semester

It was a beautiful morning to launch some RPA’s (Remotely Piloted Aircraft).  The morning started with a briefing that went over conditions and locations.



The group split up into two groups, one at Stillman Field while they other launched at the Athletic Fields.


The USAFA UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) squadron, formerly known as the USAFA RPA program, is one of three airmanship programs that the Academy offers. They teach basic airmanship and advocate for Rated career fields through the employment of the RQ-11B Raven, a small unmanned aerial system with a 55" wingspan and 36" long fuselage. Through the flying and employment of this aircraft, they teach students (current 3 degrees in the academic year) things like aerial deconfliction, navigation skills, proper radio etiquette, mission planning, tactical-level operations, and more. The Raven is one of the only operational system the cadets can gain experience with and become qualified on... those who become instructors go to Hurlburt Field, FL during their ops period to get trained and qualified by a schoolhouse run by AFSOC. The other part of the program is officer development - and they take that very seriously. Managing small teams of students and operators, leading other instructors, organizing and leading flights, and planning/executing missions based on a customer's need.


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