Recognition Update

Good Morning Familes,

Happy Saturday!  As I write this blog the 4° are well into the home stretch of Recognition.  From my view they are holding up well.  We have taken over 2000 photos so far with more to come this afternoon and evening.   If all goes according to plan, you can expect to start seeing the photos from Thursday and Friday up in the galleries starting late this evening.  The photos from today will be up by Sunday afternoon.  We don't have the large WebGuy processing staff that we do during the summer, so it takes a bit longer to get everything processed and uploaded.  By the time you starting getting those phone calls from tired but happy Cadets we will be busy getting the photos ready for you to view. 

One last thought.  While we are doing our best to get a photo of every cadet, the rules of engagement this year have made that task more difficult.  Please know in advance that if we have missed your cadet somehow it wasn't for lack of trying.

Check back later this evening for more coverage.