Day 1 Spring 2022 AFT (Aerobic Fitness Test)

The weather was good today for Day 1 of the Spring 2022 Aerobic Fitness Test (AFT) which is a 1.5 mile run.


All Cadets must run the Fall AFT (Aerobic Fitness Test). Today was the first of two days that the test will be run.  There are three times during the day that the cadets can run the test. These times are 0745, 0945, and 1400.  The Seniors do not take the Spring AFT because they took the Air Force Fitness Test in January.


The AFT (Arobic Fitness Test) was outside on the road north of the Cadet Gymnasium. The test is a 1.5-mile run, which for this course was twice up and back. All four classes take the AFT.

The AFT is scored as follows:









1.5-Mile Run






To view photos, go to  GALLERIES > MILITARY TRAINING > PFT/AFT. Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST. Select start page (681- 717 )or click on the links below.

***Photo order must be set OLDEST to NEWEST for the links to take you to the correct start page.

Spring 2022 AFT 0745 pgs. 681 (Middle of page, 8th row down) - 693   0745 AFT

Spring 2022 AFT 0945 pgs. 693 (top of page, 2nd row ) - 701    0945 AFT

Spring 2022 AFT 1400 pgs. 701 (middle of page, 7th row down) - 717    1400 AFT