Swearing In

Good Afternoon WebFamily,

We hope you are adjusting to life with a new Basic Cadet and WebGuy as one of your guides through the process. If you haven’t already seen all the pictures from In Processing are up! To get there you can click on the Classes tab above, select 2023 and then In Processing. Here is the link to make it easier. INPROCESSING.  As we said one of your guides, another place you can go for pictures is the U.S. Air Force Academy official Facebook page. 

Now to today’s activities that you have been waiting for! This morning was the Swearing In. Our team was out in force and as you will see in the gallery not only did we get your Basics who are now in uniform we got you too! The crowd was great and we were so happy to see so many of you stay to see this special moment for your loved one.


They are now in ABUs, with haircuts or hair up, so it might be a little harder to find them but they are out there! The Swearing In photos will not be separated by squadron, but going forward that should be the exception. They are simply in the BCT 1 gallery, sort oldest to newest to find them or click here


We know yesterday we said we would do a recap of yesterday, however, many of you have already gone through the galleries so we'll skip that and get on with the summer! Stay tuned for another blog shortly about picture hunting.