TX Wrap-UP

They are no longer Cadet Candidates.  They are now officially Appointees to the USAFA Class of 2020!  Pretty Cool, Eh?  Hard earned and well deserved.  There were lots of tired but happy faces in the theater when Col Szybist made the offical announcement and personally handed out the official Letters of Appointment to each new appointee.  We got a photo each and they are now up in the TX gallery along with all the other photo taken over the past 5 days. 


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Congratulations Preppies!

Hey Prep Families, your Preppies went through a lot this week and we will be putting up a blog tomorrow about all the details. In the meantime, we want to give a big congratulations to the Prep Class of 2016. Click the blog to read more!

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Prep TX - Bridge Destruction, Talent Show and Fireman's Challenge

Hey Prep Families! TX is well underway. Sorry about the glitch in the first days photos. The good news is that all the photos are fine, and our crack IT folks found the bug in the system that made the photos we uploaded yesterday duplicate themselves endlessly. Click on the blog to read about yesterday evenings events as well as this morning!

**Edit - Hey Prep Families! We've added the highlight video of the Prep Talent Show from Monday evening into the blog! Enjoy!*

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